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Advanced IRA

‐ Jul 27, 2010 4:35pm

Credits: None available.

Retirement distribution planning is often understood from an investment perspective. However, many do not fully understand the complex tax rules associated with this kind of planning. During this session, we will discuss the critical tax aspects of retirement distribution planning and ways to avoid some of the most common mistakes. Throughout this seminar we will focus on how sophisticated advisors can use this high level knowledge to become their client''s most valued advisor. Session highlights include:
- Understanding the foundational tax concepts of retirement distribution planning
- Understanding the final minimum distribution regulations
- Designating beneficiaries under the final minimum distribution regulations
- Naming a trust as a qualified designated beneficiary
- Using spousal rollovers and qualified disclaimers to maximize distribution stretch-out
- Cashing out non-qualified designated beneficiaries during the \"shake-out\" period
- Understanding the key exceptions to the 10% additional tax on pre-59 1/2 distributions
- Applying for IRS relief
- Using life insurance to protect large IRAs
- Working with employer securities within a qualified retirement plan



Credits: None available.

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