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ENG2443 - Accounting Across Ages: Wisdom, Innovation, and the Quest for Work-Life Balance (FIN, EDG)

‐ Jun 6, 2024 10:45am

Join us in our first-ever "Accounting Across Ages" panel where we explore the dynamic intersection of timeless wisdom, cutting-edge innovation, and the pursuit of work-life balance in the realm of accounting. Our trio of presenters will delve into key insights that span generations, showcase innovative approaches shaping the future of accounting, and discuss strategies for achieving the work-life balance you want based on your priorities  and where you are in your career. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from people who have been in your shoes, and learn to better understand the various priorities your leaders, coworkers- maybe even the people you manage!- are dealing with.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to understand the priorities of various generations of accountants
  • Learn how to free up time with innovation and ruthless prioritization
  • Gain wisdom from people who have years of professional experience
  • Come away with a better sense of grace for yourself and understanding for your colleagues


Concurrent Session Onsite and Online