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NTA2306 - Charging Forward with the New Energy Credits

‐ Nov 13, 2023 2:40pm

With residential energy and clean vehicle credits in the law through 2032, clients will be asking about them. These rules are complex with billings eating into tax savings. What strategies can help practitioners and their clients correctly and efficiently claim these credits.

Overview of credits for vehicles, refueling property, energy efficiencies in buildings and more. How best to help business clients understand and claim these credits including any documentation for prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements

Energy Credits for Individuals - Compliance, Planning, Due Diligence and Reality

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess which energy credits are available for individuals.
  • Section which materials may be needed to substantiate energy credits for the tax return, IRS examination, and possible monetization of the energy credit.
  • Analyze the opportunities and pitfalls in monetizing energy credits or in purchasing energy credits.




Concurrent Session (Onsite and Online)

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