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WOM2326 - Keynote: Unlock Your Abundance: Simple Shifts to Transform Your Money Mindset

‐ Nov 15, 2023 12:50pm

Women in the accounting profession are part of a growing number of women who are their family's breadwinner, or they are the first women in their family to earn well over $100,000/year. Although women in accounting are among 70% of high-income earners, they are still impacted by financial stressors. Managing the role of breadwinner with the roles of spouse, partner or parent, and employee may add additional stress on women. In this session, Danetha Doe will discuss the how to reduce financial stress by practicing an abundance mindset to eliminate stress and worry. In her fun and uplifting talk, you will learn the science behind your money mindset and uncover any thoughts of scarcity, reduce financial stress, and unlock your abundance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize three steps to shift from a scarcity money mindset to abundance mindset.
  • Recall practical ways to reduce financial stress even if you are a high earner.



Conference Keynote Onsite and Online

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