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INT2302 - Bonus Session: Meet your Future Ready Corporate CPA: And how best to serve them!

‐ Jul 11, 2023 4:00pm

CPAs in corporate roles are not all alike. Just as our profession engages CPA firms of different sizes in different ways and with different value propositions, do we apply the same principles to CPAs in corporate roles and their companies?

This session:

• Introduces and explores the corporate CPA member conundrum;

• Explains common CPA roles and responsibilities, industries, annual cycles, transition considerations from public practice to corporate environment, and other unique corporate CPA considerations; and

• Outlines common attributes, challenges, and opportunities for CPAs at different size companies.

• Help understand what makes corporate CPAs tick such as:

            o digital transformation,

            o the shift to value partnering,

            o the future of talent

            o reporting trends and more.

    • Hear about how AICPA & CIMA created a Future of Finance Group and how you can create similar group in your state - hear lessons learned, success points and how to make sure this is an effective use of time.



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