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NAA2317 - Life in a peitri dish. What's your culture?

‐ Jun 6, 2023 2:25pm

Culture is an often used word in corporate culture and we're almost expected to include it in conversations about our firm. What is culture anyway? Let's take a look through the lens of some of our profession's cultural success stories and see what they have in common. Far beyond free snacks in our breakroom, flexible working hours, etc., we get to decide our own culture. It is clear, however, the decisions we make on our culture cascade through the essential elements of CPA Firm success: Growth, profitability, talent, operational excellence, etc. This session will allow us to connect essential elements in such as way as to define culture's full impact.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the definition of culture. What encompasses this broad word?
  • Determine how performance and culture relate to each other. How do we appropriately balance the two within our organization?
  • Use best practices that have created enabled success stories. What enabled success?
  • Identify ways to become a culture champion by reflecting on the question "What if culture was up to you?"





Concurrent Session Onsite and Online

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