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PRA2312 - Five Things to STOP Doing In Your Firm

‐ Jun 6, 2023 11:25am

It’s common to focus on “what else” firms should do to maintain their relevancy and thrive as the profession rapidly evolves. But sometimes moving forward isn’t about what we add, but what we subtract. What processes and mindsets does your firm potentially need to unlearn to thrive? This session will explore five common areas of unlearning firms should examine right now in order to foster a sustainable and healthy organization in the future including random acts of marketing, “dabbling” in services, putting clients first and others.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine what it means to “unlearn” and why it more important than ever
  • Identify how to be a leader who understands that change doesn’t have to look the same for everyone
  • Analyze why looking outside of the accounting profession is key to innovating and growing
  • Use the changing face of our profession and our clients as an opportunity to reimage the accounting firm business model
  • Distinguish what “less is more” can mean to the success of your firm





Concurrent Session Onsite and Online

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