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ENG2305 - Implementing SECURE - Individuals Beneficiaries (EST, TAX)

‐ Jun 5, 2023 2:45pm

Over the last three years, there have been considerable changes regarding post-mortem distributions from IRAs and other qualified retirement plans. Between the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019 ("SECURE Act"), Enhancing American Retirement Now (EARN) Act of 2022 ("SECURE 2.0") and the proposed 1.409(a)(9) Treasury Regulations, one needs to know the impact of the new post-mortem distribution rules and how payout options need to be reassessed. 

During this session, we will discuss the following topics: 

* Pre-SECURE Act distribution rules 

* SECURE Act distribution rules 

* EARN Act (“SECURE 2.0”) distribution rules 

* Proposed 1.409(a)(9) Treasury Regulations 

* Determination of the “type” of beneficiary 

* Missed Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) and how to handle them.

Learning Objectives:

  • • Understand the new post-mortem distribution rules for IRAs and other qualified retirement plans
  • • Identify actions that need to be taken during the post-mortem “shake out” period
  • • Fixing missed RMDs





Concurrent Session Onsite and Online

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