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FFS2210 - What Top & Emerging Talent Want and Expect out of Employers and the Future of Work?

‐ Dec 8, 2022 2:30pm

Technology plays a critical role in the future of work, but so do people, especially in today’s Great Resignation and Battle for Talent. As companies and professions struggle with workforce shortages many are left wondering how they can attract and retain top talent. What top and emerging talent want, and what’s important to them, as they think about choosing an employer, a profession, and their career?

During this session, you’ll hear from a panel of emerging finance leaders (Gen Z and Millennials from FFLAG folks) about what they are looking for, out of an employer, and out of their career.

You’ll get the chance to learn how they are evaluating the trends and forces around the future of work that are impacting their profession, their thoughts on career growth and development, and how they are navigating and responding in a world of constant flux, and change, and innovation.


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