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COR2237 - Valuation Perspectives for the Construction Industry M&A and Internal Transaction

‐ Dec 9, 2022 2:25pm

This session will discuss key elements in understanding appropriate valuation techniques and helpful insight relating to an external and internal transactions. The session will start with an industry overview including valuation observations in M&A transactions. The session will then pivot to a discussion of various approaches to value including specific considerations relevant to internal transactions. From there, such considerations and approaches relevant to internal transactions will be further broken down into management buyout, internal family (related-party) transaction as well as buy-sell triggering events.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze an industry and market overview of opportunities within the external M&A space.
  • Recognize current M&A deal activity, value trends and key take aways.
  • Compare value drivers and factors to consider when approaching value when dealing with external M&A deals as well as internal transactions.
  • Identify specific approaches to value and considerations for an internal sale.


Concurrent Session Onsite and Online