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COR2202 - Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent in 2023

‐ Dec 8, 2022 5:15am

With explosive inflation, talent shortages, turnover, and escalating labor costs this year, attracting and retaining top talent has never been more difficult. By studying what we’ve been through, and trends on the horizon, we may have the chance to “reset” hiring and compensation strategies for years to come, and improve results. This session will explore both successful, and not so successful, hiring processes and compensation programs that impact your success in attracting and retaining talent. We’ll also explore pay practice research, trends, and strategies, as well as hiring processes, that can make a positive impact in attracting and retaining top performers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify current market trends that affect your overall compensation program and how they impact our mission to recruit, retain, and engage. Identify pay trends and what to look for as trigger points on escalation and eventually stagnation issues. Hear what your next round of pay increases need to be to stay competitive.
  • Analyze those behaviors that sabotage pay program effectiveness, including pay compression and the negative impact on your employee and company’s well being
  • Determine how to handle compensation conversations with potential candidates throughout the hiring process, understand how to interpret candidate behavior, and avoid wasting valuable time and energy.
  • Differentiate motivators of top performers, how to pay them, and how to attract them.
  • Distinguish how your employer brand can make or break your success in attracting top performers.





Concurrent Session Onsite and Online

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