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DCPA2206 - Holding Client Relationship Managers (the function, not a person’s title) Partners Accountable to Doing Their Job

‐ Dec 6, 2022 9:50am

Those who manage client relationships (CRMs) are all over the board in how they do their job. Some consider themselves as a Trusted Advisor or a Business General Contractor bringing necessary resources to the client to help him/her/them fulfill their company’s goals. Other CRMs simply control access to what services or products their clients will be introduced to, often only introducing those they are comfortable performing. The CRM role is a critical and essential role in the firm, and most partners do not embrace the role. Yet it is a coveted role because it is usually tied to money … and unfortunately, due to poor execution, entitlement without performance. This session will discuss what actions a firm can take to ensure their CRMs perform as CRMs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Distinguish the role of a Client Relationship Manager (function not title)
  • Select a list of fundamentals a CRM must fulfill
  • Analyze how your compensation system may be undermining the performance of this role
  • Identify how your accountability and compensation system need to work in harmony to create the necessary change management to ensure that your CRMs perform as CRMs.


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