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WOM2218 - Applying Your Unique Voice to the Work You Do

‐ Nov 9, 2022 12:40pm

As a woman in business, you need executive presence to inspire others, establish trust, build credibility, and drive outcomes. Research has shown that women have specific strengths that, when applied in business, result in higher profitability, greater collaboration and create a better work environment. Join Angela Dingle, Author of Discovering Your Girl Powers, to learn more about a woman’s unique ability to use her style, poise and presence to become empowered and successful.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify your unique talents, strengths and abilities.
  • Determine why this is important to your success as a leader.
  • Use your unique voice to become empowered and drive outcomes.
  • Apply 10 strategies to build confidence, charisma and credibility.


Concurrent Session Onsite and Online