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ENG22EL4 - Education Lab #1 (M 5:05pm) - ESG & ASC: Little Letters, Big Opportunity for Accounting Tech Innovation, presented by Trullion

‐ Jun 6, 2022 4:30pm

In this session, Isaac Heller (CEO & Co-founder, Trullion) will give a brief overview of emerging standards (ASC 842, 606, ESG) and highlight how they can create an incredible amount of transparency for the accounting industry, while at the same time, an incredible amount of pressure. We will zoom into the broad-stroke impact of these standards on both a company and corresponding auditor. We then dig further into technology as a “bridge” between the 2 stakeholders. We highlight how in some cases, technology may not be scalable at this stage (ex. ESG) while in other scenarios, technologies - and even AI - can accelerate industry professionals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze an ESG Overview, Implementation Dates & Use Cases for Technology
  • Identify ASC 842 & 606 Refresher, Implementation Dates & Use Cases for Technology


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