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PFP22101B1 - How to Secure, Price, and Structure the PFP Engagement

‐ Jun 5, 2022 8:15am

Review engagement activities as defined by the Statement on Standards in Personal Financial Planning Services, No. 1 Discuss methods to identify your ideal client and secure the PFP engagement Determine how to price the PFP engagement Walk through how to structure typical client meetings included in the PFP engagement: Initial complementary consultation and data gathering Creation of Statement(s) of Financial Position and Cash Flow Estate planning Risk management planning Investment planning Retirement/Financial independence planning Planning for ancillary services like education and elder planning

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the future of services to individuals
  • Use numerous compensation and service business models used by CPAs who have built practices that provide the highest client value
  • Recall tips to effectively communicate with clients
  • Identify compliance, technology and practice management considerations
  • Determine what you need to be successful in providing financial planning services from CPAs who have thriving businesses





Pre-Conference Optional Workshops Additional Fee

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