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ENG2221 - Tools and Trends in Philanthropic Planning: DAFs, Impact Investing and More (PFP, EST, TAX)

‐ Jun 8, 2022 3:45pm

The field of philanthropy is evolving faster than ever, with new knowledge and innovation, along with hazards and even harmful practices to avoid. Recent events created urgency in philanthropic responses, shed light on the incredible growth of donor-advised funds, and sparked conversations on being a better donor. The social impact landscape and toolbox require an updated look at the current context for social change, from philanthropy to social entrepreneurship to impact investing, advocacy, business influence, leadership, purchasing power, and more. Advisors are expected to be fluent in philanthropic conversation and tools. How do we help our clients navigate these changing times and take advantage of various planning tools that are readily available to do good? How can we help those seeking new knowledge and support as they shift to devote more time and resources to deepen or refresh their role as philanthropists? This session is designed for advisors like you to integrate philanthropic concepts to further your practice and personal development in this moment of need, change, and action.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the giving trends of high-capacity donors and evaluate where the client is at in the philanthropic journey
  • Distinguish the phases of the social impact spectrum and how clients can leverage all their do good options
  • Compare and contrast how donor-advised funds and private foundations work