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PFP2221 - Estate Planning Themes For 2022 and Beyond

‐ Jun 6, 2022 1:45pm

In recent years, the need for “traditional” estate tax planning has dramatically decreased. Nevertheless, financial advisors can continue to provide an extraordinary amount of value in the overall estate planning process. This session will explore three key estate planning themes advisors can focus on for success in 2022 and beyond.

Attendees will analyze the paradigm shift in end-of-life tax planning created by the ballooning estate/gift tax exemption, where for more than 99% of families, the primary focus has shifted away from estate tax minimization, and towards basis management and income tax planning. Advisors will also gain a deeper understanding of how today’s rising interest rates impact estate planning for the “lucky” few families who still must contend with the Federal estate tax. Finally, the program will explore how the rise of the digital world has created a new and largely unaddressed wrinkle in estate planning: how to effectively transition “digital” assets, which may include assets with a monetary value, as well as assets with “just” personal or sentimental value, such as social media profiles and digital photos, and online subscriptions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize how rising interest rates impact various estate planning strategies
  • Recall opportunities to maximize the step-up in basis and minimize ‘lost’ losses
  • Identify clients’ financial AND non-financial digital assets
  • Determine a plan for addressing digital assets within a clients overall estate plan


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