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NTSP21202 - Sponsored Session: The Emergence of Analytics for Tax Positions

‐ Nov 16, 2021 8:50am

While you usually know what tax position would be preferred by your client, it can be hard to formulate tax positions in a way that makes the strongest possible argument for the client’s position, mitigates the risk of the position being successfully challenged and provides time- and cost-effective service for your client.

Join us as we discuss how leading tax professionals are using advanced analytics tools to structure and document client positions by:
- Using artificial intelligence to identify the strength of a position with greater than 90% accuracy
- Testing the effect of various changes to the facts on the strength of the position
- Gaining a comprehensive view of the law by identifying authorities and guidance that may pose a risk to the position or can be used to support it
- Providing independent, 3rd party reports to document client positions

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