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COR2105 - CFO Panel - Real Estate

‐ Dec 6, 2021 4:05pm

This session will focus on the following:

State of the CRE Industry from the CFO Perspective:

  • How do the upcoming changes in tax policy, inflationary concerns, interest rates, health policy, climate change, and other regulatory developments impact your priorities and strategy for your firm?
  • A recent study indicated 2/3's of all CRE investment firms are hiring and challenged with labor shortages - are you seeing this same trend and how are you attracting and retaining talent within your departments or the firm in general?
  • Is the industry focus on climate change impacting your firm, reporting, investment strategy, financing strategy or other aspects of your firm?
  • Discuss your firms capital sources and whether there are concerns with respect to recent investment trends from foreign investors into US CRE?
  • Comment on which asset classes will face the biggest headwinds in 2022 and which sectors, and markets are primed for growth?

How has the post-COVID environment has changed the way you think about the following:

  • Risk – diversification geographically & by property type, tenant concentration, etc.
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Next year’s forecast

ESG – how do we measure value / progress and how / does it make a difference for your company? How is it changing?

  • Sustainability
  • D&I
  • Governance
  • Other

Standardizing Transparency & Efficiency in Investor Reporting

  • What reporting challenges are you facing as your firm grows and/or evolves its business strategy?
  • What are the latest trends in reporting standards?
  • Are investors demanding enhanced reporting capabilities and transparency?
    • Does this vary based on investment strategy, risk profile (value-add, development, core)?
  • How have you been utilizing technology to optimize reporting and/or organizational capabilities?
  • What opportunities exist to improve budgeting and reforecasting? Which systems, processes, teams and best practices do you have in place now, and how do you expect those will change?

Learning Objectives:

  • Illustrate CRE industry insights and pressing topics impacting organizations and the office of the CFO
  • Discover CFO priorities and strategies with respect to organizational initiatives and the evolution of reporting and transparency



Real Estate


Concurrent Session Onsite and Online

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