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OIL2109 - Energy Transition: Tax Implications

‐ Nov 9, 2021 3:15pm

Rather than focusing on the growing emphasis on transparency with respect to the tax policies and practices of companies as ESG takes on greater significant, this course will address the sustainability aspects of ESG and will acquaint the attendee with the various tax incentives that exist and are being proposed as the transition from fossil fuels to green energy occurs and gathers momentum. Of primary focus will be the tax incentives, current market conditions and current transactional issues for carbon capture and sequestration (CCUS), green hydrogen, solar and wind. Pending proposed federal tax legislation in the area will be addressed also along with its potential impact on the industry and transactions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the various sustainable/renewable energy tax incentives that exist currently and that are being proposed
  • Assess transactional and other market issues that are being encountered in the sustainable/renewable energy space.



Concurrent Session (Onsite and Online)

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