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FVC2114 - Shareholder Oppression: Advising Clients on Shareholder Disputes

‐ Nov 8, 2021 3:00pm

Business owners' management of the relationships among executives, board members, and shareholders can be an after-thought until disputes arise at which point the cost and risk to the business and its owners may be severe.    Forensic accountants and valuation professionals can play an important role in assisting business owners and their counsel in the evidentiary and valuation aspects of these matters.  This session will highlight the legal elements to shareholder oppression disputes and the limitations of certain perceived protective measures.  The session will then address the roles of financial experts, investigations into oppressive conduct, and valuations.  The session will close with case studies and examples for practical insights.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Legal Elements and Common Techniques of Shareholder Oppression
  • Understand the Role of the Financial Expert and Conducting Investigations into Shareholder Oppression
  • Understand Valuation Implications involving Standards of Value and Other Relevant Aspects
  • Observe Case Studies for Practical Insights for Supporting these Matters


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