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CFC2110 - The Resurging Finance Leader: What is it going to take?

‐ Oct 28, 2021 6:50am

Today’s Office of Finance leaders are once again becoming a resurgent force. They stepped up during the pandemic and met the challenges of forecasting unknown demand, often with limited technology and team resources. Just as impressive, many answered the call in the midst of a digital transformation that had to be paused. And now, these transformations need to be accelerated. It’s not enough to reduce waste to free up capacity; these leaders know they need to invest more in value-driving financial technology that deploys data and analytics securely at scale. That, while adopting cloud-based solutions, and keeping a focus on hiring, retaining, and developing the best digital skills in finance to take advantage of post-pandemic growth.

The resurging finance leader realizes that the current environment is the opportunity of a lifetime to lead the finance function of the future, but that this finance function needs radical transformation to seize market growth opportunities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how to enable new data collection techniques, which transforms data into an asset, not just another element to manage/reconcile
  • Recognize how improved operating processes and procedures lead to better planning, performance monitoring and decision making
  • Recall steps to co-create the future of your business while delivering agile, scenario-based budgeting and forecasting process to inform decision-making and align finance with sales, operational, and strategic planning stakeholders



Early Riser (Onsite and Online)

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