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CFC2107 - Meaningful Data Strategy: Beyond Dashboarding

‐ Oct 27, 2021 3:10pm

Dashboards. A term so common in the enterprise software space - everyone seems to want them, and everyone seems to be selling them. But, what matters to you? Each business is unique, and although standard metrics and KPI's can be of some value when delivered out of the "box" with ERP and other tools, they may not hit the mark for your organization's needs -if you think deeply about what is most meaningful. In this session Bob Green and Michael Daoud, experienced Digital Transformation advisors to mid-market businesses, introduce the concept of "Minimum Viable Analytics" - and take the attendees on a journey from the determination of what the MVA can be for a business into the execution phase of getting the MVA delivered to the right people, with confidence and accuracy.  Let's go beyond whatever dashboard your vendors are pushing on you, and work on the hard part first: defining your Minimum Viable Analytics and the strategy for getting the MVA delivered to your business?

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the concept we introduced: Minimum Viable Analytics
  • Identify the most relevant information that can impact your company's most vital measurements - and where to find it
  • Identify how meaningful data is best aggregated to deliver meaningful analytics
  • Recognize it's less about what tools and software you use for FPA - it all starts with good thinking

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