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WOM2111 - Say Less Get More in business and in life

‐ Nov 4, 2021 10:35am

Negotiation can bring great value, yet women often avoid it. With good reason. They're often penalized for it. In 2001, only 7% of women negotiated their first salary. Labeled aggressive instead of assertive or, worse, the dreaded b-word, they skip the process for fear of retaliation. Are women terrible negotiators? No. In fact, just the opposite. Their trust & empathy skills make them ideal for it. Often they just need to work on the confidence & communication strategies to get what they want—without that dreaded label. Fotini Iconomopoulos shares her negotiation war stories & how she overcame gender & age discrimination to go on to be the expert that Fortune 50 executives seek her out. You'll leave with confidence & tips to tackle your next negotiation with ease.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify new skills for high-stakes conversations
  • Distinguish new motivation and confidence for negotiating successfully



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