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GOV2124 - Is the Endowment Our Savior?

‐ Oct 26, 2021 1:05pm

When times are tough, it is easy to look to your endowment, but it is never that easy!  Donor restrictions and state laws impact whether and to what extent an endowment can be drawn upon.  That said, as is often the case, the question also needs to be framed in terms of just because you can, does that mean you should.  This session will look at under what circumstances an endowment can be drawn in tough financial times, along with practical and reporting considerations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine when and under what circumstances an endowment can be drawn upon.
  • Identify the process and procedures for increasing the annual drawdown from an endowment.
  • Analyze considerations to be addressed when considering whether to increase the annual endowment spending.
  • Distinguish the required accounting entries and disclosures when increasing endowment spending or borrowing from donor restricted endowment funds.



Concurrent Session Onsite and Online

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