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ENG2113 - ENG2113. How to Effectively Lead Your Firm through DEI in Times of Crisis and Beyond

‐ Jul 27, 2021 2:45pm

2020 was a unique time to lead a practice. There were many DEI related circumstances that impacted firms where leaders were unsure how to navigate. It uncovered diversity focus areas that needed revisiting, and identified the need for difficult conversations to take place among peers. In this panel discussion, attendees will learn how to better maneuver through these different situations, understand steps that need to be taken to advance DEI in their firms, and hear tips for how to handle and manage difficult conversations. Panelists will share and discuss their experiences and the importance of being able to respond appropriately in times of crisis.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine how to lead and move teams forward in times of uncertainty.
  • Identify skills and tools that will advance DEI in your organization.
  • Discover how to make the uncomfortable comfortable when leading teams.


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