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CAM1816 - Self-Assessing Your Cybersecurity/Privacy Risks

‐ Nov 15, 2018 12:25pm

Worried about whether your data is at risk for a cyber-attack or data breach? Attend this in-depth but non-technical session to learn how to assess your cyber-security risk using techniques familiar to most auditors and accountants who have done internal control work. Learn to identify data sets and systems that are at risk and the questions to ask your IT department, service providers, and business partners to better understand your risks and exposure. Cyber-liability insurance and the implications of your information security practices will also be discussed.

  • Learn the difference between confidential and private data
  • Learn to identify data sets at risk for data breach
  • Learn to identify cyber-risk exposure areas
  • Learn what questions to ask of IT to ensure cyber-risks are mitigated appropriately