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NOT1803 - Board Governance

‐ Jun 18, 2018 2:15pm

Given increased accountability to constituents, donors and regulators for accuracy and integrity of business operations, heightened expectations of boards for transparency and effectiveness, and greater media coverage of lapses in good governance, strong board performance is essential. When done right, governance activities of boards can not only provide needed oversight, but can contribute in meaningful ways to organizational success - and mission achievement. In this presentation, we will address key governance principles for Boards in the not-for-profit sector, focusing on modes of governance, responsibilities of the board and of individual trustees, characteristics of high performing boards and current governance issues and associated best practices.

The presentation will be based on Grant Thornton's "Not-for-Profit Board Guidebook", which covers governance best practices, as well as the issues trustees face as they do their work.

  • To clarify the key roles and responsibilities of NFP boards as an integral part of an organizaton's governance structure. To define what makes boards successful.
  • To address issues regarding accountability, integrity, fiscal stewardship and board operating procedures.
  • To identify key governance issues that trustees need to address to perform their responsibilities effectively.