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PST1844 - Workflow Technology - Helping Firms To Stay Ahead of Disruption

‐ Jun 13, 2018 4:50pm

Future ready firms are constantly identifying opportunities to enhance productivity, increase employee and client satisfaction, and increase firm profitability. How does workflow automation enable your firm to identify and remove common inefficiencies?

Join Glen Keenan, President at XCM™, as he shares 4 strategies to prepare your firm to be “future ready”.

In this session, you will learn how:
• Selecting the right tools can enable task completion, meeting deadlines, and becoming more productive the right technology to become more efficient in your tax process
• To gain a 360° view of all firm work within and across all offices
• Increase your firm capacity without adding additional resources
• How to increase productivity in your firm
• How to increase visibility into your office