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Choosing Wisely Among Charitable Life-Income Plans

‐ Jul 25, 2012 3:45pm

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Of the four types of charitable remainder unitrusts, the appropriate choice
should be made at the outset of planning; as should the determination whether
an annuity trust or gift annuity is preferable. Consideration should also be given
at the CRT’s creation on how to keep options in order to get maximum benefits
on an early termination. Topics covered will include:
• The tax rules and drafting techniques for maximum flexibility
• Early termination by gift-of-life interest or division of assets between
the parties – maximizing benefits and avoiding the IRS’s wrath
• Avoiding pitfalls and patching up the other fellow’s shortfalls
• Charitable lead annuity trusts could be especially advantageous now
• Remainders in personal residences and farms
• Planning while Congress fiddles


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