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Strategies for Managing Employee Stock Options (Part-2 - Performance Units and Exercises)

‐ Jul 21, 2010 2:00pm

Credits: None available.

This session will provide the attendees with a comprehensive overview of the current HR and financial benefits, challenges and principles of Stock-based Compensation. In addition to the HR aspects, accounting for special performance options is also addressed. The principles of variable accounting associated with performance options and liability instruments are also addressed in this session. At the end of this session, the attendees will be able to design a new stock-based compensation performance plan that will align the objectives of the employee with the objectives of the company, and to identify the methods of accounting for this plan. The session will cover the following topics:
· Methods of exercising options
· Variable Accounting: When and how do we use them?
· What are Performance Options?
· What are the business benefits of Performance Options?
· Types and Examples of Performance Options
· Methods of Accounting for Performance Options
· Performance Options under IFRS


Credits: None available.