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Retaining Top Talent (REPEAT of #25)

‐ Jul 21, 2010 3:10pm

Credits: None available.

One of the biggest challenges we face as managers is employing motivational techniques that build wholehearted commitment to operating excellence and encourage winning attitudes among employees. If you want to retain the top talent in your organization, it becomes crucial to develop and maintain a strategy that will keep your employees satisfied and focused on delivering results. Paying them well won't be enough to keep them from looking elsewhere. This session will focus on how to retain the top talent in your organization by exercising strong leadership, hiring wisely, treating your staff well through a series of monetary and non-monetary rewards, and keeping them challenged.
· Why we lose top talent
· How to gain sustained energetic commitment from employees
· What a satisfied work-force will do for your bottom line
· What employees really want in their work environment
· Why timely and constructive feedback makes a difference in employee morale
· The effect non-monetary rewards can have across all levels of the organization



Credits: None available.

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