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The Changing Risk Management Needs of the CFO (REPEAT of #35)

‐ Jul 21, 2010 2:00pm

Credits: None available.

IBM recently recently released the results of its 2010 CFO survey, some 1900 CFOs and other senior financial executives. The results showed a significant evolution in the needs of the CFO in regards to risk management and the information required to better manage risk and deliver stakeholder value. This session will present the results of that study with a specific focus on risk management, and provide unique insights into the value that members of the Finance team can deliver for their organizations. This will be of particular value for risk managers & executives, advisors to CFOs, and finance managers looking to provide unique ideas and perspectives to their leadership; specific points covered will include:
· The concerns and needs of CFOs, and how these have changed over the years
· The importance of risk management to the CFO and what they fear about risk
· What's missing to better manage risk through the finance team
· What happened is not enough, CFOs need to know why: the role of financial analystics


Credits: None available.