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Achieving Excellence in Cost Management - Resource Consumption Accounting (REPEAT of #4)

‐ Jul 20, 2010 2:30pm

Credits: None available.

Cost Management is more challenging than most financial managers care to admit. Operations managers don't relate to accounting information, special studies or analyses are required for many decisions, cost control initiatives often result in unintended consequences due to misaligned information and incentives, and many more issues. Resource Consumption Accounting is based on foundational principles for management accounting and decision science focused on linking operations to finance and supporting the internal decision making needs of managers and employees creating value inside organizations. Learn:
· Key foundational principles of costing for managerial decision making
· Common decision making distortions from poor cost information
· Principle based techniques to improve operational cost modeling
· Techniques to create a cost model to support continuous planning and adaptive control
· To improve marginal cost and profit information along multiple dimensions - product, customer, etc.


Credits: None available.