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WOM1726 - The Talent Whisperer: How Big Data Can Help Advance Your Career & Your Organization

‐ Nov 10, 2017 11:30am

Today’s increasingly competitive marketplace paired with the low unemployment rate has made attracting, retaining and developing talent a top priority for all organizations. Workforce demographics, competitive pressures and a desire for growth are causing organizations to think holistically about their talent – and how to leverage diverse perspectives to solve complex business challenges. Workforce data can offer key trends that you can use to understand your own perceived value to the business, as well as build opportunities in consulting with your clients, and can offer insights for women in the accounting profession who are looking to advance their career.

In this session, a panel of experts will evaluate and dissect recent employment data that has shown to have disruptive trends in the workforce. Attendees will learn how they are stacking up in comparison to their counterparts, how big data can help you navigate the evolving demands of your career, firm and business leaders to better understand employee engagement, and how to identify critical changes needed in an organization to retain valuable employees. Additionally, you will learn how to assess, design and implement actionable plans that move the needle on diversity and inclusion for all levels in an organizations’ hierarchy.