Accounting for Endowments and Annuity and Life Income Gifts

Jun 18, 2018 1:00pm ‐ Jun 18, 2018 2:15pm

Identification: NOT1804

Not all endowments are the same, and they often times create complexity and confusion within not-for-profit organizations and lead to potential financial reporting misstatements. This session will provide an overview on accounting for endowments, and explore advanced topics related endowment accounting and financial reporting with specific gift examples, practical guidance on donor relations, and a case study on investment pool accounting. This session will also provide an overview of accounting and financial reporting for annuity and life income gifts along with specific accounting examples, including:
- Endowment accounting basics refresher
- Changes to endowment accounting related to ASU 2016-14
- A variety of gift examples, including an investment pool case study
- Practical guidance on donor relations
- Overview of annuity and life income accounting
  • To clarify the key roles and responsibilities of NFP boards as an integral part of an organizaton's governance structure. To define what makes boards successful.
  • Learn common errors in accounting and reporting endowments and take away ideas on what to watch out for to avoid making these mistakes

Technology Update: Understanding the Latest Buzzwords and Changes That Impact Our Industry

Jun 18, 2018 1:00pm ‐ Jun 18, 2018 2:15pm

Identification: NOT1805

Join this session for an update on the latest technology buzzwords. Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, A.I., EU GDPR, and more. Learn the details behind these buzzwords and how they are relevant to your organization.

  • 1. Learn simplified definitions of some key technical terms
  • 2. Get updated on new technologies impacting the NFP space
  • 3. Learn some of the pros and cons of new emerging technologies

Tax Law Update

Jun 18, 2018 1:00pm ‐ Jun 18, 2018 2:15pm

Identification: NOT1806

This session will review current developments in the federal tax law, including tax regulations, IRS rulings, court opinions, and pending legislation (including U.S. Tax Reform bills/law). The focus will be on the TE/GE fiscal year 2018 work plan, qualification for exemption, application for recognition processes and litigation, public charity status, supporting organizations, donor-advised funds, the commerciality doctrine, the private foundation rules, governance, the private inurement and private benefit doctrines, legislative and political campaign activity, unrelated business, joint ventures, use of subsidiaries, fundraising, and charitable giving law.

  • 1. Identify the import of TE/GE FY 2018 work plan. 
  • 2. Analyze IRS private letter ruling policies.
  • 3. Apply recent court decisions to applicable tax scenarios. 
  • 4. Identify contents of tax reform legislation/law.

Update on the IRS, Treasury & the Hill

Jun 18, 2018 2:45pm ‐ Jun 18, 2018 4:25pm

Identification: NOT1808

Come to this important session to gain insights into current EO-related developments, including:

• IRS and Treasury EO tax reform guidance

• Current IRS EO initiatives

• Current EO-related guidance projects

• Legislative changes and updates for EOs

After this session, you will be able to:
- Identify legislative developments in the tax-exempt organizations area
- Identify regulatory developments in the tax-exempt organizations area.

Single Audit Resources and Certificate

Jun 19, 2018 6:00am ‐ Jun 19, 2018 6:50am

Identification: NOT1809

The focus will be the benefits to single audit quality when auditors have the single audit certificate and use the tools available via the AICPA and GAQC. This will not be a selling session but a presentation of tools to improve audit quality.

After participation in this session, you will be able to:
1. Identify how the single audit resources and certificates can help you improve audit quality.
2. Obtain single audit resources for use on your engagements.

The Way Forward: Governance and Investment Policy for Endowed Nonprofits

Jun 19, 2018 6:00am ‐ Jun 19, 2018 6:50am

Identification: NOT1810

As we mark the tenth anniversary of the global financial crisis, what does the future hold for endowed nonprofit institutions? This session will outline the often-conflicting forces that are shaping the world of nonprofit investing, and will lead a discussion among attendees about how these institutions are meeting challenges to their governance structures.

Attendees will learn:
-The forces shaping the investment environment for endowed nonprofit institutions
- The governance challenges that are being faced by these institutions

Containing Costs in Healthcare: What Can Employers Do?

Jun 19, 2018 6:00am ‐ Jun 19, 2018 6:50am

Identification: NOT1811

Healthcare premiums have spiraled out of control - continually rising with no relief in sight. During this challenging period, employers have needed to shift all or part of these costs to employees. The fact that wages are stagnant or rising slowly, puts great pressure on the company's workforce. The Dilemma Companies Face: How to Address this Imbalance. This is where CFOs, Controllers, and Finance can play a major role - by helping to cut back costs and thus narrow the gap between employee premiums and compensation. This session will discuss the benchmarks, levers employers can pull, and demonstrate various case studies to illustrate the impact of some of the techniques.

  • Understand the state of the market and benchmarks
  • Learn the cost containment strategies available to the marketplace
  • Talk through real life case studies of several strategies

Managing the Complexities of Nonprofit Growth

Jun 19, 2018 6:00am ‐ Jun 19, 2018 6:50am

Identification: NOT1812

In a recent industry study, 80 percent of nonprofit finance professionals say their organization plans to grow in the next 12-18 months. Nonprofit growth presents its own unique set of challenges, and, if not managed properly, can actually hurt your organization. With challenges and opportunities in mind, how do you prepare your budget, staff, and organization for growth? In this session, we’ll look deeper into industry research exploring growth trends in the nonprofit sector. This session will focus on the impact of growth across a nonprofit organization, from budget planning, increasing compliance complexities, shifts in the workforce to growth strategies around grants, and new revenue sources. We’ll dive into specific tips and suggestions to help you get the most out of the data in the study and prepare your organization for successful growth.

  • Evaluate growth strategies through a risk management framework
  • Prepare for internal controls and processes for increased compliance complexities
  • Develop people strategies to accommodate for growth
  • Identify technology requirements for accommodating growth

How to Build Trust with Internal Controls

Jun 19, 2018 6:00am ‐ Jun 19, 2018 6:50am

Identification: NOT1813

It is more critical than ever that organizations maintain the highest level of trust for funders, donors, lenders and the public at large. In this Solutions Session, we will look at ways poor internal controls damage trust and the expensive price organizations pay to rebuild trust once lost.

  • Identify where internal control failures damage stakeholder trust.
  • Describe ways to integrate all areas of the organization in strengthening your internal control framework.

Accounting Liabilities of State Reporting Forms: Regulatory Enforcement Issues

Jun 19, 2018 6:00am ‐ Jun 19, 2018 6:50am

Identification: NOT1814

With greater access to the tools for mining the data on the Form 990, state regulators are more closely scrutinizing nonprofits' tax returns and fundraising contracts for regulatory infractions, including high fundraising costs, gifts-in-kind, excessive compensation and improper joint cost allocations. This session is a call to action for accountants working with or in nonprofits to dig deeper into the regulations and understand the risks and legal traps for the organization and the accountants who collaborate with them.
  • Identify legal issues associated with accounting reporting requirements.
  • Analyze the risks and legal traps for accountants and their nonprofit clients who prepare and submit financial reporting forms to states.