Troy Emory CPA

Owner, TD Emory, CPA & Associates

Troy The CPA is the owner of TD Emory CPA & Associates. This company prides itself on consistently delivering world-class solutions to handle every accounting, tax, audit, government contracting, and management consulting need. After many years of public and private accounting, Troy's passion for helping individuals and businesses reach their individual and business goals drove him to begin his journey of building a business to accomplish that and more. Along the way, he has worked with many fortune 500 companies, Government contractors, religious organizations, professional athletes, thriving businesses, and most importantly, individuals that own and work for small but great companies. Coming from humble beginnings, his firm has been going strong for over 15 years, and everyone in his organization shares Troy's commitment and passion for making every client excel. His loyal clients can be found all over the U.S. Troy and his staff believe there is only ONE way to run a business - With Spirit and With Scale. Empowered by his belief that "Going All Out For Your Clients" is the ONLY way to deliver services, Troy and his team strive each day to make each client experience these core beliefs. His firm is located in a very lucrative and prosperous area that provides services to some of the largest Government Contractors in the Washington DC area. This along with Troy's relentless energy and purpose has afforded him the opportunity to meet with impactful and influential leaders on a daily basis. Even with those opportunities, Troy's favorite project is to volunteer his time on Fridays teaching young students Money Skills in an underserved community in Southeast, DC. Nothing thrills him more than inspiring young minds to beat ALL odds. Many of his topics are based on real-life business experiences and concepts from the Grant Cardone 10X family.