Ms. Jeannine K Brown

Chief Executive Officer, Everyday Lead

Born to inspire and lead, Jeannine K. Brown is the strategist you find when you feel stuck, want to accelerate your career, crush your goals, and enjoy sustainable results. She is people-vested and purpose-inspired and believes in adding laughter to challenging situations.

Jeannine is the author of Unstuck and Unstoppable: 5 Proven Strategies to Leverage Your Value, Increase Your Visibility, and Gain Recognition to Accelerate Your Career.

Jeannine has a proven track record of guiding individuals to navigate their careers, gain more recognition, excel in high-stakes negotiations, and transform their business ideas into reality. As an executive coach and strategist, she has significantly impacted the lives of executives, managers, and high-performing organizational leaders, professionally and personally. Her reputation as an award-winning leader and speaker is well-deserved, as she brings a unique blend of insight and humor to every topic.

Jeannine founded Everyday Lead, a global talent development consultancy headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an award-winning thought leader and organizational leader.

Jeannine is not just a speaker but a catalyst for change. She brings a fresh perspective and humor to challenging topics while championing the importance of diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion in individuals, cultures, and systems. Her active role in this arena underscores her commitment to these values and her dedication to creating a more inclusive world.

Jeannine has spent over 20 years advocating for increasing the number of women and multicultural professionals in corporate executive leadership roles in the accounting and finance industry. She works closely with clients, delivering solutions to improve retention, decrease attrition costs, attract new talent, and create competitive advantages through inclusion.

Jeannine designs transformational leadership content and DEI content for corporations and educational institutions. She is also called upon to develop leadership and career accelerator programs for women and multicultural professionals, which is her favorite and sweet spot.

Jeannine has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Alabama State University and a Master of Business Administration from Robinson College, Georgia State University. Jeannine lives in Atlanta, GA, is active in many professional associations, and serves as a leader on municipality and university Boards of Directors.