Dominique Molina CPA

President, American Institute of Certified Tax Planners

Dominique Molina is a CPA from San Diego, California. She has long been passionate about helping small businesses pay less tax. Her private practice, beyond annual tax return preparation, also emphasizes proactive tax planning strategies to help small businesses leverage the tax laws in the same way that large corporations and the wealthy do. Unsatisfied with bringing her tax-savings approach only to clients her own practice could reach, she created a company that trains and certifies CPAs to develop special expertise in tax planning in accordance with her own high standards for advisory excellence and tax reduction goals. The result is a growing network of CPAs who are successfully reaching some 90,000 small businesses throughout the country.

Molina's mission to save clients from overpaying their taxes led in 2009 to her founding The American Institute of Certified Tax Planners (AICTP), a non-profit organization she presides over as CEO. Certified Tax Planners are a leading group of tax professionals who are specially trained in the art of long term, proactive tax planning. AICTP trains and certifies CPAs to develop special expertise in tax planning, and it provides ongoing education, information, and other resources for accountants, advisors, and small business owners. Molina and the company provide a valuable service to the small business community, because AICTP member CPAs, as proactive tax planners, are advising their business owner clients throughout the year on strategies to minimize their annual tax liability by putting tax laws to work for them.

Molina's business model is built entirely upon differentiation from the status quo in the profession, in an effort to raise its stature, re-energize its appeal for the younger generation, and deliver a value proposition that differs greatly from the traditional services that tax professionals delivered to clients in years past. Major points of differentiation, include the focus on tax planning expertise (a set of skills that are not required for the CPA designation), a shift to value pricing, and a continuing supply of tools, accredited training programs, multiple interactive forums, partnerships, and other resources for the company's member practitioners.