Clayton Hart

Managing Partner, Diverse Technology Solutions

As CEO and Managing Partner of Diverse Technology Solutions, Clayton Hart keeps his clients at the very pinnacle of the Information Technology age. Founded in 1998, Diverse Technology Solutions Inc. is one of North America’s fastest growing Private Cloud Hosting providers. Clay has been instrumental in accurately forecasting emerging trends in IT and implementing services to provide dramatic return on investment for his clients. Clay and DTS bring a strategic partnership to their client relationships by aligning Information Technology as the epicenter of business profitability. Clay’s career in IT and expertise in fiscal management spans more than twenty years and has afforded him in-depth knowledge of the highest level IT decision-making processes in thousands of businesses. Clay spent the genesis of his career in network engineering, implementing complex IT projects for prestigious organizations including St John’s University, Sotheby’s, Credit Lyonnais and IBM. His subsequent success in financial management and business workflow expertise has given Clay a unique perspective on how to leverage technology to position a company for financial growth. A national speaker, Clay has shared the stage with some of the world’s top business leaders, delivering keynote presentations and CPE accredited continuing educational seminars to Fortune 1000 C-level executives. His speaking engagements include topics covering aligning Information Technology with business financial goals, using IT as profit generator, business workflow, IT security and Cloud Computing. Clayton Hart has lent his business and information technology advice to over a dozen major publications and has been seen in Forbes Magazine, Yahoo finance,, and various other media outlets. As author of the DTS blog and the book Uncommon with Brian Tracy, Clay strives to bring education, advice, tools and resources to help business owners make more fiscally responsible decisions on the appropriate direction of their Information Technology and business practices.