Flo Ostrum CPA

Partner, Grant Thornton LLP

Flo Ostrum is an audit partner and Grant Thornton's National Professional Practice Director - Government and Not-for-Profit. She brings over 25 years of experience working in the government and not-for-profit sectors to clients and engagement teams across the firm. Flo is a national resource for all engagements conducted under Government Auditing Standards. This includes government and not-for-profit (NFP) financial statement audits, examinations, incurred cost audits and performance audits. She recently represented the Firm on the AICPA State and Local Government Expert Panel. Flo also serves on the AICPA PEEC State and Local Government Entities task force and theĀ  AICPA Governmental and NFP Training Program Conference Committee. She speaks frequently at AICPA and other state societies' conferences on Government Auditing Standards, Government Accounting Standards Boards (GASBs), Single Audits and general auditing and accounting matters.