Tammie Brown CPA

Assistant Director, U.S. Department – HHS/OIG

Tammie S. Brown, CPA Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General Office of Audit Services National External Review Center 816-426-7720 Tammie Brown is an audit manager with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General (OIG), located in Kansas City, MO. She is responsible for managing the HHS/OIG/OAS/NEAR quality control review (QCR), peer reviews and CPA out reach functions. She serves as the Single Audit Coordinator for Health and Human Services. She has also served as the co-chairman on OMB for Revising the Single Audit Process. She was a committee member for the redesign and update of the CIGIE Single Audit Quality Control Review desk review and Quality Control review guides. She has also overseen various updates to the NASACT Single Audit peer review check list. Ms. Brown received a joint PCIE/ECIE award in recognition for her contributions in assisting the PCIE National Single Audit project management team. She has received various CIGIE awards for her contributions to the Single Audit Process. She is also a past recipient of the David Walker Excellence in Accountability award. Prior to joining the OIG staff in December of 1999 Ms. Brown was employed by the Missouri Department of Revenue. Ms. Brown received a MBA from Northwest Missouri State University and a BSBA in accounting from Missouri Western State University.