John Provan

Audit Director, Small Business Administration Office of Inspector General

John Provan is the Director of the Disaster Assistance Programs Group for the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in Ft. Worth, Texas. He oversees the OIG's reviews of the SBA's Disaster Assistance Loans Program, which by the end of 2022 will contain more than $500 billion in outstanding loans and grants. His team's audits, inspections, evaluations, and agile work products have identified $82.8 billion in potential fraud and $5 billion in questioned costs in SBA's loan programs designed to assist small business recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Previously, he was Assistant Regional Audit Manager for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) OIG in San Francisco, California. He managed an office responsible for conducting audits of DOJ grant funds issued to local, state, and tribal law enforcement, and not-for-profit and for-profit entities in the OIG's west coast region (Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, America Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam). His office also conducted internal audits of DOJ components, e.g., Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Marshals Service (USMS), etc.

John has conducted the following major audits within the Department of Justice: (1) FBI's Terrorist Screening Support of Transportation Security Administration's Secure Flight Program, (2) DEA's International Operations, (5) Inter-agency Assessment of Counternarcotics Aid to Afghanistan, (4) DOJ's Efforts to Combat Identity Theft, (6) Follow-up Audit of the FBI's Terrorist Screening Center, (7) Bureau of Prisons' Pharmacy Services, (8) USMS Witness Security Program, (9) Inter-agency Assessment of Intelligence Community's Terrorist Watchlisting, (10) the FBI's Terrorist Watchlist Nomination Practices, and (11) the Federal Bureau of Prison's Efforts to Monitor Terrorist Inmate Communications to Prevent Radicalization.

In addition to these audits, he has conducted numerous audits of local, state, or tribal police departments, non-profits, and DNA laboratories. His achievements have merited many awards to include: President's Council of Integrity and Efficiency (PCIE) Award for Excellence in 2007 and 2008; DOJ OIG Award of Merit in 2008; DOJ OIG Award of Honor in 2010; DOJ Award for Exceptional Service in 2014; Council of Inspector Generals on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) Award of Excellence in 2010 and 2015; CIGIE Alexander Hamilton Award in 2014; DOJ OIG Outstanding Leadership Award in 2015 ; and SBA OIG Award of Excellence 2020.

John is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Government Auditing Professional, Certification in Risk Management Assurance, Certification in Control-Self Assessment, Chartered Global Management Accountant and Certified Law Enforcement Auditor.

He also served on the Association of Fraud Examiners' Advisory Council, as one of the U.S. Representatives on the Board of the International Law Enforcement Auditors Association, and on the IIA's Public Government Sector Center Advisory Board.

John has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas and a Master's in Business Administration in International Finance from Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois. He is finishing up a Master's in Public Administration at Syracuse University. Lastly, this fall he starts law school at the University of Arkansas - Little Rock.