Hon. Matthew_Cooper

Hon. Matthew Cooper Justice (Retired)

New York State Supreme Court (Retired)

Matthew Cooper served as a judge in the New York State court system in New York City from 2001 until his retirement this year. For the last 13 years of his judicial career, he sat in the Supreme Court (New York's highest trial court) where he presided over a dedicated matrimonial part. In those years, Justice Cooper heard over 4,000 contested divorces, many involving celebrities and other high net-worth couples. His cases often required the testimony of business evaluators and other financial expert witnesses. Justice Cooper would also frequently involve financial experts in his settlement conferences in an attempt to resolve matters prior to trial. While he heard divorce cases, he also sat for a number of years on an appeals court, the Appellate Term. He has long been involved in committee work for numerous bar associations, much of it focused on issues involving divorce and family law. The author of numerous widely circulated and cited decisions, he lectures frequently on both the financial and child custody components of divorce. Cooper is a graduate of Hobart Collage in Geneva, New York, and the late, great Antioch School of law. Since his retirement from the bench, he has served as a mediator and a "private judge" for parties seeking to resolve their divorce and family disputes outside of an overburdened court system.