Susan Urish

Partner, Innovation and Business Strategy, Urish Popeck & Co., LLC (BDO Alliance)

At URISH POPECK [] (UPCO), Susan Urish leads innovation and business strategy for evolving client delivery offerings, such as ESG (director of EU joint venture with METIS FINANCE CONSULTING []'s ESG metrics solutions) and telemedicine. Prior to joining UPCO, Susan brings digital transformation experience within PwC's Finance Consulting and Global New Ventures (portfolio of commercial SaaS products). Over the past 12 years, she continues to drive strategic partnerships for new technology initiatives and revenue pipelines. Susan graduated from Penn State University's Accounting & Finance program. She currently serves on the AICPA's Executive Committee for Sustainability Assurance & Advisory Task Force. Susan is certified by the Global Climate Competent Boards (an ESG development and advisory services program with 150+ renowned international board members, C-suite executives, and experts). Headquartered in Pittsburgh, UPCO celebrates 45+ years serving a full range of cross industry private and public clients (PCAOB & CPAB). A dedicated regional firm with a worldwide reach through our alliance with BDO. Our team partners with clients beyond our traditional Assurance, Tax, and Advisory lines of service - such as, Cybersecurity, Captive Insurance, ESG, M&A, Telemedicine, and Staffing & Recruiting with extensive experience with innovative start up companies.