Matt Shaffer

Workplace Experience Advisory, Sr. Director, Avenade

After 12 years of flying around the globe with the US Air Force and living in Europe, he launched a tech career as a software engineer, IT director, and technical PM. He then founded and served as the CEO of a tech consulting firm before serving as the PresidentĀ of a commercial property management firm.

Matt's passion is PEOPLE! He is ecstatic about equipping individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their greatest potential...especially at the intersection of culture, business operations and technology. He's a firm believer in (1) servant leadership, (2) '...people don't quit their jobs - they quit their boss', and (3) alignment of people to their wiring, strengths, and purpose is *everything*.

Matt and his wife have 2 teenage boys with whom they enjoy outdoor adventures such as fly fishing, hiking, skiing, backpacking, and biking. Matt also has a creative side: Some weekends he can be spotted on stage behind a drum set or with a guitar in his hand.