Joseph M Pugh

Director, ERM, AARP

Joe Pugh is a strategic risk management professional with 15+ years of experience maturing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Ethics and Compliance programs within for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Skilled in Enterprise Risk Management with a passion for building strategic ERM programs from the ground up. Joe leads the ERM program at AARP, where he built, matured and focused on creating an ERM framework that is strategic centric and an ERM governance cadence that provides risk informed information to executives, the AARP Board of Directors and key decision makers at all levels of the organization. Under Joe’s leadership, the organization has become more risk savvy and able to understand the enterprise risks “to” and “of” strategic priorities, as well as the capability to act quickly when risk exposures change. Joe regularly delivers ERM reporting to executive management, the AARP Board of Directors and its Committees. Joe is a frequent speaker at the ERM Initiative at NC State University, RIMS and St. John’s University Center for Excellence in Enterprise Risk Management. He also co-authored the publication “AARP’s Innovative Past Inspires Transformation Today”, The Wall Street Journal – Risk & Compliance, 2019.