Wayne Slater

Director, Product Marketing, Prophix

For more than 25 years, Wayne has been helping organizations solve their product and business growth challenges. Described as an innovative marketer and results-driven business development specialist, Wayne has measurable success spanning multiple industries and channels with a proven track record for increasing awareness, driving engagement and revenue creation.

His passion is content creation and as a result is a published author.

  • Wayne's 2014 book, "Food Traceability for Dummies" is a must read for anyone needing a primer on how to research, prepare and profit from traceability.
  • Wayne's 2009 book, "Clusters for Dummies" teaches how commodity computing technology can economically tackle some of the world most sophisticated compute-intensive challenges.

Prior to Prophix, Wayne has held strategic positions with companies such as SYSPRO, Carlisle Technology, Eloqua (Oracle), Platform Computing (IBM), and Hummingbird Communications. Outside of work, he loves playing hockey, tennis, dabbling in music, cars and is still waiting for the Leaf's to win a Stanley Cup in his lifetime.