Jenny Okonkwo MBA, FCMA(UK), CGMA, FP&A CPA, CMA(Canada)

Founder and President, Black Female Accountants Network (BFAN)

Jenny Okonkwo
Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
Founder and President, Black Female Accountants Network

Jenny Okonkwo MBA FCMA(UK) CGMA, FP&A CPA, CMA (Canada) has led projects to solve complex business problems in several countries across 3 continents. She recently pivoted in her career, moving into the non profit space, utilizing her leadership skills and business acumen to build strategic relationships and partner with market leading North American organizations to develop, foster and scale diverse and inclusive workplaces.

She is also Founder and President of Black Female Accountants Network (, a faith based 1400 member volunteer led organization whose award winning work is grounded in the following core focus areas: economic empowerment, career advancement, leadership development, building a legacy for future generations of female finance and business leaders from the Black community.

Jenny is a speaker and creator of a personal branding series for women in the finance and accounting industry. As an author she has contributed her thought leadership to a variety of business and finance publications including, Canadian Institute of Management Magazine and "The Finance Mentors' Ledger: Practical Advice to remain relevant in Finance and Accounting". Jenny also serves on the AICPA National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) based in the United States, where there is a focus on building and scaling a more inclusive accounting profession. She has also contributed her D&I knowledge and expertise in a review of Governance Committees as part of a CIMA led Working Group. Born and raised in London, England, Jenny currently lives in Canada with her husband and two children.