Joseph Ryan CPA

Co-Founder and CFO, Gilded

Joey is the Co-Founder and CFO at Gilded Finance. He is a licensed CPA with 10-years of public accounting experience.

Joey began his accounting career at RSM, where he was designated a firm-wide "Technology Champion". At EY and LaPorte, Joey was exposed to a vast range of institutional clients and gained a wealth of experience auditing publicly traded companies.

In early 2017, Joey went down the blockchain rabbit hole. At first, Joey recognized a glimpse of what might be possible, and how blockchain could reshape the accounting profession. As time went on, his fascination grew and he began to see how everything from value exchange to the way we audit companies will completely change as a result of this new technology. He began attending blockchain meetups and soon obtained the AICPA's "Blockchain for Accounting and Finance" Certificate.

In 2018, Joey Co-Founded Gilded to execute on the vision of the future of payments and accounting in the age of digital currency. As CFO of Gilded, Joey works with digital currency accounting industry leaders to define problems and opportunities that blockchain presents. Joey helps companies seamlessly integrate digital currency into corporate payment and accounting processes.

Joey holds a M.S. in Accounting from Florida State University.